Meat processing machinery

auto slicer,meat mincer,meat chopper,bone cutter,bone saw,fish skinner,fish filliting machine

Product Description

G 400 Bone saw suitable the food factory,fast food shop,frozen meat wholeseller and supermarket etc...


FEATURE: Put the bones or meat to be cut between the push slab and the saw belt.Lift the meat feeding handle by the left hand and push the cut matreal to the stop plate by the left hand to feed the material ahead until it is cut off.


 The machine table can move,it can saving the time.


VoltaGE:380v/220v (3ph)








 TABLE SIZE:890*900mm







 machine moive:

350A Auto frozen meat slicer suitable the frozen meat and sea food.


The machine have two indepand of powerfull Toshiba motor.


The machine made of stainless steel and alminum.


ZICO knife 


machine data:


knife dia: 363mm(15")

Power:750W* 2 motor

Voltage:380-415V (3PH)  or 220V(3PH)

machine weight:256KG

cutting thickness:0-20mm

capacity:40-60 pcs/min(can adjust the speed)


 machine moive:






Model-TF-300D Tan Far multi-purpose slicer is a product elaborates in our company for friends all over the world. It is a new model that absorbed the advantages of many congener products made at home and overseas, and developed and researched independently by Tan Far Engineering & Development Co., Ltd. It adopted gear wheel, worm wheel and worm transmission, hence, it operates smoothly and effectively, and the slices are in equality thickness. The whole machine is made of food grade special aluminium and magnesium alloy, as well as stainless steel cast. Polishing surface, anode oxidation, wear well, innocuity, erosionproof, safe and healthy. It is suitable for cutting lumpish food such as pig, mutton, beef, fish,pineapple and various vegetables, etc.

Blade diameter:300mm(12 inch)

QSJ Meat Cutter-with Cross Knives Use: for stripping and slicing meat Thickness of slicing: 5-8mm Weight: 76kg Size of feeder: 145cm Motor Power: 550W*2 Input Power: 555W*2 Voltage: 220V 110V Productivity: 500kg/h 以上 Dimension: 510*510*780mm

machine moive:

Automatic hamburger chop forming machine Automatic hamburger forming machine suit restaurant,fast-food shop,food factory etc..... The machine made of stainless steel and easy operate.This machine can made a vairety of hamburger chops.High output production and saving labour. Anotherwise,our company pro Technical data: Production:2100 pcs/h Volume of feed bin:32L/time Voltage:220V/380V/110V/415V Power:0.37kw Machine weight:100Kgs Diemension:715*600*1400mm

machine moive:

Vacuum meat mixer suitable the restaurant,meat factory,susage ham factory etc...


The machine made of stainless steel,and vacuum pump come from europe busch.


feature:This meat mixer specailize for meat mixing with vacuum process,suitable the chicken wing,pork,beef mixture.



EO-09-150  150L/time


EO-09-300   300L/time

260Rapid Sausage Filler is ideal for meat processing enterprises and individual business parties to process sausage, banger and ham etc. It possesses the following features: 1.Stainless steel body looks luxury and elegant, and also ensures that the food processed is clean. 2.Bowl with big capacity. Hydraulic system lifting sausage up and down. Low noise and high efficiency. 3.Imported and domestic branded electric appliances and hydraulic components ensure good quality and long service life. 4.Conversion switch and foot-switch offer safer operation. 5.Mobile body ensures greater applicability. 6.Side-hang hydraulic bag ensures easy loading, unloading and maintenance.

S30L bowl cutter suitable the meat process and vegetable process,it can chopping the meat and vegetable,such as beef,pork,fish,onion,tomato,garlic etc....


Suitable the food factory,meat factory,vegetable factory,etc....


The bowl cutter made of stainless steel and aliminum.


speed adjustment:High or Low


bowl capacity:30L /time

machine moive:



C42 meat mincer


 Suitbale the meat factory,restaurant,food factory etc.....






Product Description
Main parameter:
Tank size:84X84X350mm
,Barrier size: ,
Power supply:380V-415V 3p ,
Weight:500Kg ,

machine moive:

QX series meat cutting machine

Suitbale to cutting the freash meat.

It can change a vairety of blade cutter

blade cutting size:3mm to 20mm(depand the client choosen)


Auto stuff meat ball forming machine

Suitable for stuff meat ball or fish ball

The machine made of stainless steel

voltage:220V(3ph) or 380V(3PH)


C-309 Cooked meat cutting machine

Suitable the japanese meat slice,cooked beef,lamp and fish to use.

capacity:400-500 kg per hr


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